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Snape- The Partial Headmaster

An extremely disciplined and strict old man who never sympathized his students and was also considered heartless was actually taking care of the boy who lived, after the death of his only love….Yes! I am talking about none other than Professor Snape..
Being the potions master, then defence against the dark arts teacher, a death eater and the headmaster of Hogwarts after killing Dumbledore, he was also a great man, whose love for Lily Evans was undeniably unbreakable. Though he was a loyal servant of Lord Voldemort, he had ALWAYS tried to save Harry’s life and also worked as an agent for both Dumbledore and for the Order Of Phoenix. Wait…this isnt actually loyalty for the dark lord. Yeah, I am a little confused too!!!
At first you too thought that Snape was evil and wanted harry dead, right? But just think, how it would have felt to be in his place. He taught us what love is. He stood up for the right. His last words and the memories in his tears turned my life upside down!! I actually mean it. His grief turned into anger which turned his heart into a stone. So, now turn to page 394, yes this is the half blood prince’s command, who will ALWAYS remain in our hearts.


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