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“Always” said Snape, worth thousands of emotions. It’s amazing how a simple six lettered word can have so deep meaning that even a dozen pages could not explain. Severus Snape who was a little too strict with Harry, had been protecting Harry ever since he became a horcrux. Snape and lily were really very good friends and he loved lily from the core of his heart. He took care of Harry in honor of Lily. When Dumbledore asked him, “after so many years?” He casted the patrons spell and said “Always.” Explaining him why he had same patronus as his long lost love:Harry Potter’s mother. “It is very touching.” replied Dumbledore. Now this is the true symbol of love.
It’s really not possible to explain such an elegant and delicate word in a paragraph or two. This word showed love of Snape for Lily Evans which was unbreakable.
“Stay close to me.” Said harry when he spoke to his dead mom.
“Always” said Lily.
From all the lessons that Harry potter has taught us, according to me number one is love. And in love, sometimes you have to let go and sacrifice like Snape did for Lily. The term love has a major role in our little lives. We all say that we cant live without love but only few show us. Losing Lily had made Snape heartless because his heart had died long back with Lily. Likewise Lily, for her son, sacrificed her life and yet she is always with him. This word always is just like a vow. Even if you want to, you will never forget it. This is the most powerful magic spell which is casted without the use of wand. Once you are bound to it, there is no going back. Proffessor Snape, his words and his love for Lily, everything is deep inside our hearts and ALWAYS will be.

-Ronald Ellison and Hermione Flames


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