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Neville Longbottom

Imagine yourself being a child… With parents gone insane, and even cannot recognize you… An old, stern, annoying grandmother raising you, who sends countless Howlers… And no one good friend to call your own. Even a thought of it makes us shiver. But one Harry Potter character has gone through all this ‘plight’, and came out of his grief to fight for good… He is none other than our Neville Longbottom.
Neville also would have been the Chosen One according to Sybill Trelawney’s prophecy, if Voldemort would have just tried to kill Neville rather Harry.
Neville was undoubtedly the most frightened student in Gryffindor when he first started his education at Hogwarts, but he grew in his confidence and abilities as time went on. While, at his early years at Hogwarts, he was a target for bullies due to his clumsiness. In the fifth year, when he signed up for DA, he worked hard than anyone else did. He led the DA while the Golden Trio was out in the search of Horcruxes.
I really pity for Neville, for his tragic loss at a so early age. Harry, being popular, was sympathised for being an orphan. But Neville deserved it more than Harry did. His love for his parents didn’t fade even a little. I was touched, when Neville thanked her insane mom, when she gave him a chocolate wrapper as a gift. The chocolate wrapper was not worthless, for it was a token of her pure love.
He is really worth twelve of Malfoy. I admire him, for even if he suffered a lot than any young man should, he didn’t give up, and stood up against the bad. My love for him is limitless, for he has inspired me, and taught me a new, holistic definition of bravery. Bravery is not just running in with wands blazing, it is more than that. Although he might be an unsung hero, but he is still that- a hero.
We cannot forget Neville’s iconic, brave stand against the Lord Voldemort in the end of the seventh book. Isn’t it amazing to plainly deny the ‘won’ Dark Lord’s offer to join him? For us, Neville was no less brave than Harry.
“I feel like I can spit fire now!”

Remus Ganzledore😊


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