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The Journey

So, the journey started with me in class 6. Our new session started, and our class teacher was Soumya Miss. She always told us to read as many books as you can to improve our language skills and your knowledge. Some of my fellow friends from our class asked our teacher to recommend some good books, that we can read. She recommended some books, but one book name just felt catchy to our ears and that was ‘Harry Potter.’

‘Harry Potter’ before hearing it from our teacher I had no idea what that word meant. Never came across this name. Some students already knew about this novel. After I heard this title, I began researching about Harry Potter, I even asked my fellow friends who already knew about Harry Potter. I investigated a lot and finally urged my parents if they can buy me the whole set of harry potter, but they said that they will think about it and let me know. I waited and waited and waited. I almost lost hope that my parents will provide me the books. Then I started searching for the books in our school library, but the books were previously taken by other students. Now it was my birthday night. My parents asked me to open the box and guess what IT WAS THE WHOLE BOOK SET OF HARRY POTTER! This was the best surprise ever…

So, stay tuned for the upcoming blogs…. I hope you like this blog…


8 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. What a great present. And I agree with your teacher. Read as much as you can. It’ll improve your language skills, your writing, your brain, and it’ll keep you amused forever. Best wishes to you all.

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  2. Remus! Thanks for visiting Words Divinely Wrought, so that I could discover the magic and wizardry that lives here. It gladdens my heart that you and your classmates are becoming bewitched ( the most wonderful way, of course!) by the world of letters, words, spelling, and more. And how wonderful that your parents are so supportive of your literary interests! Write On and Read On,Young Friends!!

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