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Guess What!?!?πŸ€—

A warm welcome to all our lovely witches and wizards.❀️

We all are in the “seventh” heaven to announce that we have crossed 100 followers and a little recognition on this wonderful platform which has been an honour for our team…😊

This might not be too much of an achievement, but after all the hardships our little team has faced, this is indeed a moment of jubilation which cannot be denied.😭

We thank you all for the love and support which encouraged us a lot to keep continuing with blogging, even after all the breakdowns, petty and scary deadlines and the never ending arguments. We hope that this love and bond between all of us will never die and our family will keep growing with cheer, amusement and laughter. Our ambition is to keep entertaining you all with our magical thoughts, opinions and creativity.❀️❀️

“Don’t let the Muggle get you down!!πŸ˜‰”


Wizardorzo Team❀️


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