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More than love

Under the stairs of confusion, like Harry, we all were trapped…
Being our Hagrid, you saved us all and our fears all zapped.

Just after then,
Our school felt like Hogwarts and we all could feel the magic….
You kept us safe from the mean dark lord of tragic….

As caring as Sirius, as loving as a mother
Starting with a topic and ending with the other…

You helped and guided us like Dumbledore
We were just little cubs and you taught us to roar….

Just like snape, you protected us all,
Smiled at our achievements at the back of the great hall….

Meeting you soon is all that we crave
Cause we are your own army- determined, young and brave…πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

[For our mentor, guide, best friend and counselor ❀]


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