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Memories Bring Back Memories

Unlike everyone, I love going to school. No, you got me wrong there, I am not a nerd. A new year arrived and the same old cycle of studying and assignments resumed but the best part of school was not dance periods or physical educations periods, surprised, huh? Instead it was talking and chit chatting with our English teacher in breaks. We spoke to her about anything and everything. She was our favourite teacher as well as our secret counsellor, so secret that the whole school knew about it! I loved her.
Always telling us to do ‘Light reading,’ she finally said those three magical words that changed our life- ‘Read Harry Potter’. Well, we can’t deny the best teacher in the whole school, can we? So, I started reading Harry Potter, and it didn’t even take me a second to fall in love with it. At first I only imagined how the characters would actually look like but Imagination took the better of me and I kept dreaming about going to Hogwarts. Introduction to movies only made me fall harder for it.
I had sorted out my priorities and on the top was going to Hogwarts. All of us know that this is all imaginative faculties but that doesn’t mean it’s not real, right?
Now all of that was in the past and ages have passed but while writing this blog it felt as if I have used time Turner and lived that part of my life again, as if I was reminiscing my Potterhood in a pensieve.
I am really eager to share all of our hilarious incidents and fun we had because Harry Potter has created a new stream of memories that are unforgettable. Stay tuned for more such fun blogs ahead. Oh and yeah.. sorry but ‘no posts on Sundays!’
Hermione Flames❤


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