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With just a little, “What’s the hype about Harry Potter?” to “I can proudly say I am a Potterhead.”

How did it all start? Looking back, ‘Harry Potter’ just seemed something which was settled on everyone’s tongues, which clouded everyone’s mind, which managed to gain everyone’s attention and interest, and most importantly, it managed to get everyone’s love. To be honest, I could not understand the hype about Harry Potter, everyone was a die-for fan of Harry Potter.
Why? That is the only thing I used to ask myself. Even my own sister loved Harry Potter, it was insane! So, instead of overthinking about why everyone loved Harry Potter, I decided to read it myself. Surely, I had been recommended Harry Potter a lot of times, countless times even, so why not give it a try? And so, I did it, I started reading the book written by the great JK Rowling, I must agree it did not manage to catch my interest or attention immediately, I considered leaving the book halfway. I left the half-completed book, telling everyone about how I did not get any interest in the book like they did. Every time, my teachers, my friends, my sister, everyone pushed me to read the book again. It was getting annoying at a point!
Having enough of everyone, I finally decided to read the book all over again. A few times I had the urge to stop reading the book again, but I did not, I wanted to know what was so great about it and unknowingly the book managed to grab my interest. The next thing I could process was me reading the second part of Harry Potter, and well it is predictable what happened next. The book was awesome, in fact a masterpiece. The vast imagination which I could never believe a person had, just gave me a reassurance that it is ok to imagine. Obviously the most crucial factor was my language skills, they still are not the best, but they surely did rose to a level no one ever thought they would. It was surprising for me, it made me happy. And now, I am grateful for everyone who pushed me to read the book because if they had not, I would have missed out such an amazing book. I would have surely regretted it!


5 thoughts on “With just a little, “What’s the hype about Harry Potter?” to “I can proudly say I am a Potterhead.”

  1. in my country HP wasn’t really that famous, and loving it was a “geeky and nerdy” thing. I’d constantly reread and rewatch it, and people would make remarks and jokes about it.But still I loved it from my childhood until now, and I’m so happy that I grew up with Harry♥️

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