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V-Day Special😀

Hello there. We are sure you all are enjoying Valentine Day, but we have a surprise for you, we are choosing the 2 most debated ships over the world. Trust us- this four lettered word, L-O-V-E has almost been the base of the Harry Potter series and this day is just somehow perfect to describe some of it. We have given our views but you have to choose. Choose your favourite ship and tell us in the comments.

We all love Harry Potter, and their coupling is quite special. I am not being judgemental but honestly many people still believe that Harry and Hermione are more suitable to be a couple, I can’t argue with it. All the time, even in movies we can see the care from Hermione towards Harry was different and unique when Harry saved Hermione from the troll. At first, it was a bond of friendship but as everyone saw Harry and Hermione’s scenes in books and movies, most people thought the bond gradually deepened into a relationship which J.K. Rowling didn’t mention. They symbolise greatness within the ” Friend relationship” with their care for each other. The moment when Hermione hugged Harry in 2nd and 4th book was the most awing moment, it sure lit up some happiness within the Potter fans!! I won’t make this blog any more fact file, even though Harry is now settled and deeply in love with Ginny but still, I think if Harry and Hermione were a couple it would have been delightful, just imagine their child adventurous and intelligent at the same time, it would be like a cherry on top!!

And now for something completely different-
So… I never thought that hate could actually turn into endless and never-ending love. Meeting each other as fate, being friends as a choice and falling in love beyond their control- always the tone of surprise, aren’t they? What? Ofc those lines were enough for you to guess that I was talking about Ron and Hermione. We certainly cannot deny the electrical chemistry between Ron and Hermione since they did that “awkward” handshake in the second year. It surely took them a lot of time to figure out the actual feelings about each other and hey- they were officially together in the last part, but something about it just felt right, don’t you think so? The proper doze of care and love with a dash of jealousy and confusion. From “It’s LeviOsa, not LeviosA” which couldn’t have ended better to the backfired spell for insulting the man’s love, from the jealousy of yule ball to actually ending up in the chamber of secrets for not JUST destroying the horcrux- not as unbelievable as it sounds!
Don’t kill me if I tell you that for once- just for ONCE I wanted Lavender to be dead even if she was innocent, only because I wanted Ron and Hermione together. Anyone else??
“Ronmione” isn’t going to end but your screen time sure is…. right? Enjoy this Valentine’s day with the ones you love truly! Don’t you dare be late to ask for the ball this time!


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