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Beautiful Beasts And My Love For Them

Who doesn’t love pets? They aren’t just mere animals; they grow up to become your family members, your emotional support. But I am also sure Hagrid’s choice of pet wouldn’t match with the choice of normal witches and wizards like us.
I mean I wouldn’t want a dragon burning down my house, would I? Oh, but Hagrid simply ADORES them. The same applies to Newt. I don’t think I have a suitcase in which hundreds of beasts can dwell. But there is one cute little notorious animal that has my SHINY heart. Yeah you guessed it, it’s Niffler. This little gold loving beast with cute little beady eyes, long snout and jet black fluffy fur. I mean yeah, they can get us into deep- deep trouble for stealing gold and shiny objects. If I ever have one, I’ll make sure to mostly confine it indoors where there isn’t a lotta shine. My friends and I at Wizardorzo love this adorable little beast and we have made an aesthetic dedicated to it. Scroll down to see it. ❤


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