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The Sweet Muggles

Have any friends who haven’t read or seen Harry potter? Yes? You don’t need to say anything bud, I got you there. I feel you….Its harder than we think. Even I wasn’t a potterhead until some of my friends asked me to read the amazingly written books by J.K Rowling and now we are a family๐Ÿ˜‰. It was love at first sight, and I can literally go on and write a novel about how much I am crazy about this prodigious, amazing and wonderful series, but let’s keep it short and sweet, shall we?
I have some muggle friends and honestly, it has been adventurous. And ummmm… is it only me?
It’s not fair at all. Like, they will never get emotional and sentimental or say “awww” whenever you will say “always.” They will never understand the deathly hallows mark engraved beautifully on your hand that you always draw when you are bored of this non-magical world, which is kinda every second. They will never get your “pottah” language and also the fact that Harry was the owner of the wand of Dumbledore in the last part! Most importantly, they will never get the importance of being sorted into the right house!!! That’s the most annoying thing! I am a true Gryffindor and I am proud!
I mean I am the one to respect everyone’s opinions but come on! THIS IS HARRY POTTER! There is no single day I spend without talking about magic and arguing with my mom about my hidden hogwarts letter. And yeah, that’s a different thing when I dont leave my friends at peace and start talking about how bad I feel about not liking Snape at first and how funny it is that Voldemort is just a noseless, hairless and brainless beast (no offense to the death eaters).
Honestly, I pity my muggle friends more than I pity myself for not being allowed to use magic outside of hogwarts~ *clears throat* I didnt say that, did I?


4 thoughts on “The Sweet Muggles

  1. I feel so bad fort he people I know who haven’t read Harry Potter……
    But if they complain about how they think the books are terrible….. Let’s not go there… this will get ugly

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