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Guess What?

Guess what? Didn’t you make it out already? It’s our series of Secret Seven again!!! To all witches and wizards- be ready to dive into this adventure with our new intriguing content which is sure to make you smile. Leave all your thoughts away from this instance, our 5 magazine issue is bound to make you jump from your seats. From new Defence against the dark arts teacher to Dumbledore’s Army – enjoy it all in this roller coaster ride. We are always waiting for your replies so do answer our mind-boggling questions and make sure to win some prizes. Hedwig will leave our regards to you formally, just wait for our replies.

PS. You Must Not Tell Lies!!

freetoedit #cute #kawaii #harrypotter #hogwarts #owl - Naomi Lord Harry  Potter Hedwig , Free Transparent Clipart - ClipartKey
Spot the 10 differences!

Here is the pdf for the same –


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