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A Profession with no Salary

Being entered into standard 9 which is just one step away from class 10, much more important questions have been tingling in my messed-up mind, like ‘Which career should I step into’ or ‘Which job would be the best and could fetch me more money?’ Well, if we actually try to find out that which job deserves the highest amount of salary, then of course it is the job of a mother, a job where she has to work 24/7 regardless of the physical state or the mental trauma she is going through. Although it is a job with no salary, it’s all about the love and respect we pay her back. Motherhood is something, through which one can deeply experience the state of love, as a wise woman once said ” The highest possible way to experience love is either to be a teacher or a mother.”

As Wizardorzo, today we will touch down the motherhood seen in The Harry Potter series.

Lily Potter

Lily Potter is an incarnation of bravery, courage and selfless love. She suffered the fate of death, when she was barely 21.

31 October, 1981 was the last Halloween Lily and James celebrated as Voldemort entered the Godric’s hollow with an intent to kill Harry. Lily ran away and locked herself in a room just to save Harry even while she knew that the dark lord had just performed the killing curse on the love of her life. “You are so loved… Harry Be safe….Be strong” Were her last words to Harry, just before she stood like a wall between the dark lord and Harry, and sacrificed her life to make Harry the boy who lived.

Throughout the series, Harry was recognized for having his mother’s emerald green eyes. Not only he had his mother’s brilliant green eyes, but also her courageous and selfless nature. Even in the Mirror of Erised, he saw his mother, Lily, which shows that how much he might have missed her during his joys and sorrows, festivities and misery.

In his 7th year when Harry was about to submit himself to Voldemort before his presumed death, he brought the dead spirts back using the resurrection’s stone. The presence of his loved ones and especially his mother made his walk towards death easier, even though he didn’t actually Die, as his blood was still flowing in Voldemort’s body, completely protected by his mother’s love.

This proofed that a mother’s love can defy the darkest magic. Even after her death, Lily lived in Harry’s blood, protecting him for life.

Molly Weasley

Never underestimate the power of a housewife! Molly was the true queen who gave birth to 7 children and raised them even if it was hard for her to make bare ends meet. Even if Harry wasn’t her own son, she treated him with the same love and affection. Besides, she pampered Harry more than her own sons! And of course we cannot forget the howler she sent to Ron can we?😂💀✉️

She was the one who took care of everyone. She was the backbone of not only the Weasley family, But also the Order of the Phoenix. She was a prominent player in the battle of Hogwarts. And of course “NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH” was something completely unexpected and crossed another level of savagery. Even if she suffered the death of Fred at the end, she still became the light in the dark and continued to take care of her family.

So that is it for today guys! A big shout out to all the moms who work for us day and night! And don’t forget, not only this day is mother’s day, EVERY DAY is mother’s day so show your love to your mom everyday.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks for reading 😘


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