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Anime takes over Harry Potter!?

From the ‘Boy Who Lived’ to the Voldemort’s death, you saw it all in books containing a wonderful tale. Harry potter sure is a world in itself. Magic, mostly important was the one that kept this adventure going. Wands, O.W.Ls, Ministry of Magic, magical creatures, wizarding schools, broom, quidditch, azkaban and many more, indefinitely excite us the most. It is as we say ” Wizarding World’s Style”. What if someday this Harry Potter is taken over by anime ? Shocked, I presume. The genre liked by many and followed by most when taken over wizarding world will needless to say, cause an impact. The magical world will change greatly! Spells will be used instead of wands, like the famous one, “Kamehameha”. Magical creatures will be as かわいい (cute) as anything – adorable! right ? Wizarding schools will be enchanting with different subject beyond our wildest imagination. Would you like to join such a wizarding world?

Bonus questions –

1.If Tom Riddle’s diary was a death note instead of a horcrux then how would have the story changed ?( A notebook in which when you write the name of a person with his face in mind, you kill that person )

2.If Harry had used ” Resurrection spell” then who would he wished to be alive? Lily, James or Sirius? ( Resurrection spell – used to awaken the death ones back to life. Source – unknown)

Now I will take my leave, make sure to answer truthfully! さよなら !


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7 thoughts on “Anime takes over Harry Potter!?

  1. Ooooh I would watch a Harry Potter anime, definitely! And if Tom Riddle’s Diary was a death note… it would not be a kids book 😂 Hmm if Harry used a resurrection spell maybe he would bring back his dad? I feel like they would have more in common, and Molly Weasley was always like a mother to him anyway.

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    1. Yeah..! I am asking this out of my curious mind. What if Harry had the privilege to use Tom Riddle’s Diary ( death note)? Then do you think he would have killed Tom?

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  2. I don’t know about Harry Potter anime. If the diary was a death note, I would have left it in the middle. Most probably, according to me, he would resurrect his dad, I guess?


    1. Do you think that Harry would have used the diary to kill Voldemort? And yes, most probably he would have resurrected his dad.


  3. Guys do comment on your imaginations on anime or leave a topic you would like us to discuss in our next blog. Who knows, we might even give you special shout out and write on your topic. Anyways we love to read your comment.

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