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It’s Storytimeeeeeee✨✨

Hello Bloggers, Potterheads, and Sweet Muggles! Wizardorzo is back with some juicy content to brew you up! And this time it is neither a magazine, nor a blog about how much we love Harry Potter but a story all about Magic. Well this doesn’t mean that we are moving on from our Potterhood, it’s just a side dish in our delicious plate of pottery and magical content!

Ever since I have set my feet on Earth, My elder sister, Emily and I have been inseparable. We are two beings sharing a single soul. Even the thought of separating from her makes the hair on my neck stand.

Emily is the most beautiful girl, with sapphire blue eyes and wavy black hair and the brightest person I have ever seen, or you may call her- ‘Beauty with Brains’

During summers we would spend days in the garden, playing throwball or catching butterflies or just lying on the bed of green grass, Emily dissolved in a book and I playing with dolls. Evenings would be equally fun as we would go near the lake, sit on the bench to admire nature’s beauty with cool breeze moving and yummy popsicle in hand. During winters, Emily would sit on her usual armchair beside the fireplace and I would sit on a bean bag, both of us covered with shawls and a hot chocolate in hand. With a book in her other hand, Emily would read stories to me which was just perfect!

Besides her loving nature, Emily could make unusual things happen. Once I had fallen down hard from a slide which gave birth to a large cut down my ankle. With blood flowing down my leg, I went to her limping and she clutched me in her arms, slid her hand upon the cut, and the injury vanished in no time. In the garden, she would just wave her hand upon flower beds and perfectly sewed garlands would appear in seconds. Also, she could make my fairy Doll actually fly just with a snap, and all this would just make me love her more.

But all the good times hadn’t had to last for long. Everything turned upside down with the sudden death of our parents. It felt as though all the happiness had been snatched away from our lives. Emily seemed more worried than ever. She would lock herself into a room and mutter things to herself for hours together. ‘ A huge responsibility on young shoulder’ I thought. Everything would be alright with time.

Months passed by and things became worse. Emily had no time for me. She was growing paler day by day. The light in her eyes had been sucked out and her eyeballs had turned into stone. Her touch was no longer warm and her presence just made me feel uncomfortable. She wasn’t herself.

One night when I was lying on my bed, Emily came to my room. She seemed horrible, as though she had just cried out an ocean. Every step she took towards me, the colder the room went. Even the bulb had started to flicker now. She crept on my bed, lied beside me and said, ‘I love you’. She hugged me so tight that I slept there, forever.

Unable to control the gift of magic, an extremely loving and caring girl hadn’t only murdered her sister, but also killed her parents. Unable to accept the terrible things she had done with her own hands, she left the mortal world, and joined ours- the world of the dead.

Hope you Liked the story!!

Thanks For reading 😘


3 thoughts on “It’s Storytimeeeeeee✨✨

    1. Well idk but whenever I write a story I love to kill the characters 🤡🤡🤡🤡


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