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Socks Up Please!

We have always heard that love starts with hate, and the same thing happens when we choose our favorite characters. The Character about whom we misconceived the most in the start, Imaging Him as a notorious brat who drops 3 layered cakes on people, blocks a platform, breaks Harry’s bone and almost kills him every time, just made a perfect place in our Hearts when we gradually unfolded his inner sides with time….realizing that first impression is not always the last impression. Of course, I was talking about Dobby the whole time, not a house elf but a fearless free elf.

Locked up in a prison with That ‘bitch’ torturing Hermione all alone, Dobby was probably the last person whom Ron and Harry were expecting to show up. The same person who landed Harry up in a trouble every time saved Hermione from almost being Killed. He was a true friend who gave up his life for our heroes, which makes Him the true hero.

Wands up For Dumbledore, Remus, Sirus and all the Fallen Warriors. Socks up for Dobby.

Comment if you ever tried to kill- I mean save anyone’s Life!

Thank You!!!!


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