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It All Ends Here?

So, we are back! “Again!”? nah lovelies, we are back for the seventh and the last time with our series of secret seven. Surprised? I guess not, it was pretty obvious that this is the only day our team is excited about! And that’s the magazine! Too sad it’s the last one, YET-

Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows had really been the most emotional part of the series which also did show us that little light of hope and euphoria, which still doesn’t escape from our tiring and depressed life. The painful deaths, the terrifying war, the escapes, the life-threatening hunts, the agonizing chaos, the undying love, the bravery of the hidden warriors and the victory over the brutal defeat of the DAR- I mean, the defeat of Tom!

It was really a wonderful journey no doubt. We are really too wretched and excited at the same time to finally end it all here. Thank you for all the support and love and we hope that we brought a little and sweet smile on your face with our words and creativity, didn’t we? So here we take our leave forev-

Okay wait- you don’t actually think that we are leaving here forever, do you? There is still a LOT more to our journey, to our bond, to our fandom, to us! So, without sighing, or without wasting even a second of your precious time, dive into the last magazine bringing back the happy smiles and your sweet answers.

Spot the 7 Differences

The PDF for the same is here –


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