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Revealing something? (Not really)

50 Blogs Completed + Revealing Our names (not really)!! Hello Wizards, witches, muggles and Death Eaters, Welcome to Wizardorzo! So yes, we have Completed 50 Blogs on WordPress and we are Deadly Close to 200 followers…. “I’m Famous Mom😭🤣”

And Yes, After endless Debates and Arguments, we finally Decided to reveal our names…

So Grab some rock cakes and let’s get started! As it is a name revealing ceremony…. let’s start with the one who doesn’t want to reveal her name😄🤦🏻‍♀️

 @Lily2107 wasn’t ready to reveal her name, so here’s the ‘Meaning’ of her name- which coincidentally is also lily 🌷. She was the one to come up with the idea of starting a blog and I will never stop loving her for that. She is the Luna of our group… Extremely witty and cute, and always lost in her spiritual world, busy with nargles!… She’s that one Friend who will always stay Calm in every situation and will try to see the positive side of every situation. You get why we call her Luna🙆?
“Giving. Smart. Spaceoholic. Lives in the holes of moon.” Says Neville
“Do not insult Anime in front of her. I REPEAT- DO NOT!” Says Ronald

Next is @RemusGanzledore, And his Name is Prathamesh, the Manager Sahab of Wizardorzo 😁 He is highly Intellectual and Smart and also the topper of our school….but unlike other toppers who just run after Marks and attention in the class…he is really Humble 🙃 Are you in search of Gold? No problem! Prathamesh’s house is filled with gold medals and trophies 😂I am sure that more than red blood cells, Talent and Smartness runs in his veins. Also He’s a Die-Hard-Fan of LOTR, and if you are too, I am sure that both of you will have Hours of flawless Conversation.
 (ps, he also loves cats)

“Hermione would be totally jealous of him is what exactly I think!” says Ronald “I should not have said this, Hermione is gonna kill me….” *runs for life*

“I am really bad at potions and he helped me more than Hermione ever would…… ‘no offense to Hermione’ but cats love him more than they would love Hermione!” says Neville

So, that’s not the end, ofcourse. We are going to reveal the other names soon in our upcoming blogs. So stay tuned.

Written with love

– Neville Murray and Ronald Ellison (you will know our names too soon)


5 thoughts on “Revealing something? (Not really)

  1. Well, congratulations on 50+ posts and almost 200 followers! I sorta remember when y’all started this blog, it was amazing! I mean, the blog’s still amazing, but the start of it, and me getting to know it was amazing too!
    Here’s to more post and more followers and more name reveals!

    P.S.- Is Lily’s actual name Kumudini? I mean, that’s Hindi for lily, so it’s just a random guess, haha

    Liked by 1 person

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