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Name Reveal! (Part 2)

Hello again, witches and wizards!!! We are back again with the name reveal! We have literally nothing to say right now (yes, please laugh), so let’s get started.

So, @NevilleMurray 😳😳 yep, that is Nandini… Yes she is girl😂 ……… What else should I say about Nandini? Well, she is an intelligent and awesome singer, a humorous person and an amazingly phenomenal writer, but she won’t ever accept her intelligence which I might just name as “down to earth for all the right reasons”. Siriusly I look up to her as a topper! Bold and active with a much needed introvert vibe she is a perfect person to share anything even if it’s damn boring. She wont sleep through your story (I guarantee). But the out of the world part is that she is way advanced in tech than any of us. It still shocks me.
“She is my partner for literally everything, especially when it come to stand up comedies and writing stories which we never actually wrote.” Says Ronald.
“Nandini = Gif girl of our group.” Says Lily “and her favourite gif is this-

RonaldEllison – (yeah, she is a girl. The second person on the list of not revealing names. So, here is her another pen name because we all insisted- Evangeline Wales)
She is a blessed person and so we call her “Content giver”. Hilarious! Isn’t it? She definitely is Ron Weasley of this group (Don’t you ever mess with her. She is Sirius when it comes to ‘Harry potter’ and Ron) Not only HP has been her interest, even LOTR is (Yep, we got 2 LOTR fans). With much needed humour and tons of ideas she has been an artist (Really! we are a fan of her drawings). She is a singer, writer, musician (can literally play any instrument), stand up comedian and good at studies. She is everything but a human! If you are having a bad day, just message her a “hi” and she will keep you laughing till 4 in the morning even if she was having a bad day. Yeah, she is a night owl.
“She is really a hilarious person and her humour crosses the sky when she is screwed up!” says Neville
“She would be the first person to stay up the whole night to design the magazines or blogs blah blah blah” says Lily

These two clowns are the perfect duo to write collab blogs. And if you ever wondered where does the sarcasm to the group come from then I must say that they are the inspiration. I must also say that I feel like a third wheel while editing magazines with these two aliens. XD They are also the two females who kept male names, maybe to confuse you all!
“And the two idiots who attend all the calls without giving 100 missed calls🙂” says Remus
“I always prefer to keep 2 feet away from them because who would wanna get into their sarcasm trap? Ijjat ka faaluda-” says Lily
So, that’s it for today


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