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You Know, Right?

Hello deatheaters, voldemorts, basically every villain ever existing in the vast history and future of the wizarding world. Welcome to the third and the last part of the name reveal. Just like the last one, we don’t have anything to say again, so lets get started!

@HermioneFlames – Her Name is Mehr..One of the most Famous persons in our school. She is an amazing writer and a Passionate Basketball Player. She is also a Graceful Dancer- Basically an all-rounder. She is one of the most Confident Person I have ever met…. I probably should start taking lessons from her😂😂 She is an extrovert and fun loving person and no one can hate her company. And if you want some Netflix Recommendations… Don’t forget to ask her🙆 (you are free to give her the recommendations too). Also not excluding the fact that she is an avid reader and is currently re-reading Harry Potter series and look at my poor soul who is stuck on the fourth book.
“In the harry potter series Ron and Hermione might be lovers but ours have a totally different chemistry, they are best friends for life!” says Neville
“Maybe I hate her. Or I am totally in love with her!” Says Ronald “Like common! She is Amazing!”

Next, is @ChoPalmer and Her name is Swara…and just like her name, she can dance just like a swan on any Swar. She is the most social and an amiable friend and a company you would fear to lose🙃💁🏻‍♀️ Besides Ronald, Swara is another talented artist in our group, we absolutely adore her work! And if you ever want to be alive, never talk anything against Varun Dhawan with her. I really think she loves him more than her life🙂 (but we usually do that a lot. Guess we are just too brave). She loves to cook and hang out with her friends, she would literally jump off the sky if it comes to her mind and would actually fly away. I must also say that she is a chamber of secrets. She is actually living in her dreams. Always.
“I think she is an extrovert… Unlike me, she is a very social person. I wonder how she instantly makes friends?😅 I am pretty sure, the entire school knows her and also, if you are looking to share your secrets, Swara is the best person for you.” Says Remus

“I would call her my mum because, yeah she is caring.” Says Ronald
“I would call her my grandmum because why not.” Says Neville


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