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We couldn’t post this at midnight. Yeah we are very bad people! With being a sandwhich between projects and classes, we have tried our very best to come up with this video which doesn’t even last for a minute. I hope you all will love it. Before you all comment with our editing skills let me tell you, “This was our first ever time editing and making an animation”. Now get out of the couch and watch this video!

A very unnecessary summary of the story –

With our very own trio again, we celebrate the birthday of renowned, famous, and Voldemort killer – Harry’s Birthday. Sure it isn’t a normal way of celebrating. Harry for the millionth time gets a another dream in which he spots Voldemort. Meanwhile, Hermione and Ron are hiding under the invisibility cloak that they probably must have stole from Harry. The rest ? You need to watch the video for that!

For some reasons we couldn’t upload the downloaded version but we have the link version. You can watch here!


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