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Online exams at Hogwarts

McGonagall: Welcome students, to O.W.L.S 2021-2022! As you know that the muggle coronavirus disease has spread so much over the world that it has affected the Magical world too and here we are, on an online platform “Zoom”. Now there will be a change in O.W.Ls this year… instead of Ordinary Wizarding levels it is going to be Online wizarding levels this year. Today is your first theory examination and you will have 90 mins to answer the questions as I transport these sanitized parchments which contain all your questions here.
*Swishes the wand* * Bundle disappears*. And your time starts NOW….. Well why is it that I only see Granger’s camera on here? Longbottom! Weasley! Pottah!

Hermione silently: It’s not Harry PoTtAh it is Harry Potter πŸ˜‘.

*Harry turns on the camera*

McGonagall: Well Potter why is your screen so Dark? Is there any issue?

Ron: *cracking* Maybe increase the brightness.

Harry: *giggles* Actually I am locked inside the cupboard.. these Dursleys think that WE have made the virus to take over the world πŸ˜‘ so…

McGonagall: Well, it’s fine Potter. As of you Weasley, please on your camera.

Ron: Ma’am I have an issue …… (Voice cracks and symbolizes to the voice of a piano)

McGonagall- Weas-

* Neville unmutes by mistake *
Neville: I don’t know this…no…no…… Not even this…. Am I even in the right exam

Neville’s Grandmother: I told you Neville longbottom! You have Transfiguration and not potions! Now bear the consequences!
*High level screaming continues*

McGonagall: Neville, Neville stop it… No need to turn on your camera ..

Neville: Why is it always me?

**After one minute of unexpected silence**

Hermione: Ma’am I have completed the whole exam. Plus I have also written some extra questions and answered them for your reference hope it’s helpful for you.
*Swishes the wand*
*Answer sheet disappears from Hermione’s table and reaches on McGonagall’s table*

McGonagall: Yes Granger I received your answers… And as for rest of you, you have 30 mins more to complete your answers.

**Meanwhile Harry and ron on chat**

Ron: Hey mate, it’s our time to Rock! Father told me about this muggle thing called GOOGLE….and we can get all Answers from there!

Harry: Didn’t You have net issues?

Ron: Oh that was just the boon of my acting skills…well…these muggles have made atleast something useful

McGonagall: Taking the advantage of the darkness in the room are you Potter! Mr Weasley and Mr Potter, If you don’t know, unlike the muggle professors, we can read your personal chats to see what you do behind the camera!

*Luna enters*
Luna: Did I miss anything? Actually the Nargles weren’t allowing me to join.

Hermione: Actually you missed the exam

McGonagall: Thank you Miss Granger. And Mr Potter and Mr Weasley will be having an online detention with me for trying to cheat in the exams.

Luna: Cheating beyond measure, is Man’s Greatest Displeasure

-The End-

Thank You for Reading!!


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