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When you text Someone…

Hello Guys!! We last posted our blog on 18th August….. And today is 1 Sept…. See how punctual we are🙂?
And yes… You are on the correct website… So this is a dare and our officially first non-harry Potter related post, excluding The awards and Achievement posts (Just in case you misunderstood 🙂) So yeah, without a further ado let’s jump into the post.

  1. 3 ways to Irritate a person- Hmm, K, ‘.’
    When you send something really eagerly to your friend, expecting a good reply and after 100 hours of waiting, they reply the magical 3 lettered- Hmm, perfectly shows how interested they are😊😊😊
    And oh yeah, when your classmate asks you what is to be done for the project, and after you explain it with your whole heart and all that they say is K🙂 feels so positive, ascetic and spiritual right 🙂. Firstly this is Physics project, not chemistry that you are talking about Potassium ( Chemical symbol- K ) May God blast you😄😊.
    I don’t know if it happens to you, but in my friend circle (or triangle, cuz I don’t have many friends 😊🙂) people use full stop to show anger and aggression😵😵 Maybe they wanna say, end of this conversation and your respect🙂🙂
    At times when I am irritated, I just reply these people using a perfect blend of these words
    Amazing right 😄?
  2. Emojis to show sarcasm
    Yeah, my body is made up of sarcastic tissues, Me without sarcasm is like pizza without bread, banana milkshake without Banana, Romeo without Juliette. I have already used Emojis and none of them gave their direct meanings 😄 so here is a list of my sarcastic Emojis 🙂🙂-
    🙂- My favourite, king of sarcasm
    😃- With two cumin shaped eyes and teeth brushed with colgate
    😊- With absolutely no hints of sarcasm
    🙃- Mischievous twin brother of 🙂
    😄- Ahh the devil
    I use them really often while chatting, but this gives me 1000 percent more satisfaction when I use them with people who don’t know that they are used for sarcasm. Like, some says something really blehh, and I reply with 🙂, they don’t have a slightest idea of what just happened.
  3. Group chats
    So out of 7 billion people on these planet I have seven friends (oh wait, maybe 6 or 5🤡) with different personalities, so here are the types of people I find in a group chat
  4. The 24*7 online person
    Yeah, this person will reply to you at any given point of the day (and night)
  5. The Gif Guy/Girl
    For these people, gif is just like oxygen for them, they will fill the whole chat with gifs and waste my data😑
  6. The lost child
    This person will read all the chats and still won’t understand what is happening. These people are spacaholic(is that even a word) and live in their own world🙂
  7. The ‘Fill me in’ Person
    This person will come online after 1 trillion years and will ask to fill in 1 zillion messages 🙂
    So here is my solution to this problem, you ask to fill in here is the whole menu of the restaurant 😄
  8. The Artist 0_0
    This person will use all the letters, numbers, symbols etc etc to create their own emojis
    @@ +
    ;; ?!

And the list is just endless 🙂
So.. I hope you liked this post, if you want more blogs like this, then pls like and comment!
Let me know your thoughts in the comments 😁😁


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