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We at Wizardorzo think its amazing to carry out such awards as it gives more exposure and what’s life without a little healthy competition, right? We were nominated by Saumya @Draw Write Inspire Her questions were so unique and amazing. You’ll find them below along with our answers! We know we have been afk andContinue reading “BESTTT BLOGGERRR AWARDDDD!”


10 Points To Gryffindor!

Have you ever wondered how the house points are calculated at Hogwarts? I mean I am sure we all can agree that Dumbledore would award Gryffindor points just because Harry’s still breathing but what about the points Snape would take away just because Harry is still breathing. Surely non of the professors go and noteContinue reading “10 Points To Gryffindor!”

Beautiful Beasts And My Love For Them

Who doesn’t love pets? They aren’t just mere animals; they grow up to become your family members, your emotional support. But I am also sure Hagrid’s choice of pet wouldn’t match with the choice of normal witches and wizards like us.I mean I wouldn’t want a dragon burning down my house, would I? Oh, butContinue reading “Beautiful Beasts And My Love For Them”

Memories Bring Back Memories

Unlike everyone, I love going to school. No, you got me wrong there, I am not a nerd. A new year arrived and the same old cycle of studying and assignments resumed but the best part of school was not dance periods or physical educations periods, surprised, huh? Instead it was talking and chit chattingContinue reading “Memories Bring Back Memories”