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When you text Someone…

Hello Guys!! We last posted our blog on 18th August….. And today is 1 Sept…. See how punctual we are🙂?And yes… You are on the correct website… So this is a dare and our officially first non-harry Potter related post, excluding The awards and Achievement posts (Just in case you misunderstood 🙂) So yeah, withoutContinue reading “When you text Someone…”


Online exams at Hogwarts

McGonagall: Welcome students, to O.W.L.S 2021-2022! As you know that the muggle coronavirus disease has spread so much over the world that it has affected the Magical world too and here we are, on an online platform “Zoom”. Now there will be a change in O.W.Ls this year… instead of Ordinary Wizarding levels it isContinue reading “Online exams at Hogwarts”

Interviewing A Famous Star….

Interviewer: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the cheaper version of the Ellen DeGeneres Show! I am today’s host and I will be interviewing the most sensational, inspirational, and the emotion of every Potterhead! Voldemort’s nose!!!!!!!!* Auditorium fills up with Claps, woos and whistling* Interviewer: Hey! Really Nice to meet you after all! How are you feelingContinue reading “Interviewing A Famous Star….”

It’s Storytimeeeeeee✨✨

Hello Bloggers, Potterheads, and Sweet Muggles! Wizardorzo is back with some juicy content to brew you up! And this time it is neither a magazine, nor a blog about how much we love Harry Potter but a story all about Magic. Well this doesn’t mean that we are moving on from our Potterhood, it’s justContinue reading “It’s Storytimeeeeeee✨✨”