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You Know, Right?

Hello deatheaters, voldemorts, basically every villain ever existing in the vast history and future of the wizarding world. Welcome to the third and the last part of the name reveal. Just like the last one, we don’t have anything to say again, so lets get started! @HermioneFlames – Her Name is Mehr..One of the mostContinue reading “You Know, Right?”


Quiz Time!

Hello everyone! Wizardorzo is back with fascinating quizzes and challenges to blow up your mind! The name of today’s challenge is-‘Take The Hint’So here are some pictures which portray the names of 6 Harry Potter characters and you have to guess them! So put your thinking caps on! Now, I must warn you that theContinue reading “Quiz Time!”

5 Things We Learnt From Harry Potter

Hello Potterheads! We are really gratified to do this collab with Saumya @Draw-Write-Inspire. ‘ Do read her post on the same topic! “Five things that we learnt from Harry Potter” The headline might be a little knotty but we have got this up our sleeves😉. I mean- We have learned so many things from HarryContinue reading “5 Things We Learnt From Harry Potter”

Meow Are You?😺

A One Minute Read Greetings Potterheads! Have you ever wondered which pet you will choose if you ever have to go to Hogwarts? I bet you that’s the same thought that might have bothered Hermione. With her unexpected switch of decision, she ended up with a cat🐱 and named him Crookshanks. Crookshanks became a purr-fectContinue reading “Meow Are You?😺”

Guess What!?!?🤗

A warm welcome to all our lovely witches and wizards.❤️ We all are in the “seventh” heaven to announce that we have crossed 100 followers and a little recognition on this wonderful platform which has been an honour for our team…😊 This might not be too much of an achievement, but after all the hardshipsContinue reading “Guess What!?!?🤗”