Quiz Time!

Hello everyone! Wizardorzo is back with fascinating quizzes and challenges to blow up your mind! The name of today’s challenge is-‘Take The Hint’So here are some pictures which portray the names of 6 Harry Potter characters and you have to guess them! So put your thinking caps on! Now, I must warn you that theContinue reading “Quiz Time!”

5 Things We Learnt From Harry Potter

Hello Potterheads! We are really gratified to do this collab with Saumya @Draw-Write-Inspire. ‘ Do read her post on the same topic! “Five things that we learnt from Harry Potter” The headline might be a little knotty but we have got this up our sleeves😉. I mean- We have learned so many things from HarryContinue reading “5 Things We Learnt From Harry Potter”

Meow Are You?😺

A One Minute Read Greetings Potterheads! Have you ever wondered which pet you will choose if you ever have to go to Hogwarts? I bet you that’s the same thought that might have bothered Hermione. With her unexpected switch of decision, she ended up with a cat🐱 and named him Crookshanks. Crookshanks became a purr-fectContinue reading “Meow Are You?😺”

Guess What!?!?🤗

A warm welcome to all our lovely witches and wizards.❤️ We all are in the “seventh” heaven to announce that we have crossed 100 followers and a little recognition on this wonderful platform which has been an honour for our team…😊 This might not be too much of an achievement, but after all the hardshipsContinue reading “Guess What!?!?🤗”

From A Bibliophobe To A Bibliophile😉

I was recognised as the quintessential scholar student in my school. Everyone believed I was a nerd. They supposed I was an exceedingly avid reader. However, it was not at all true. Saying the truth, I was a bibliophobe. I loathed books. My mother always used to recommend me to read books. But I wasContinue reading “From A Bibliophobe To A Bibliophile😉”

Neville Longbottom

Imagine yourself being a child… With parents gone insane, and even cannot recognize you… An old, stern, annoying grandmother raising you, who sends countless Howlers… And no one good friend to call your own. Even a thought of it makes us shiver. But one Harry Potter character has gone through all this ‘plight’, and cameContinue reading “Neville Longbottom”

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