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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Diagon Alley at Universal Studios,  Orlando, Florida, United States - Theme Park Review | Condé Nast Traveler

Here we are 🙃(With no respect)

Welcome again to the cheapest version of the Ellen DeGeneres show. Today we are going to do something you have never been waiting for, something which is really unique that everyone has a blog upon this, something which everyone wants to play but at the same time don’t want to, the game which always asksContinue reading “Here we are 🙃(With no respect)”


When you text Someone…

Hello Guys!! We last posted our blog on 18th August….. And today is 1 Sept…. See how punctual we are🙂?And yes… You are on the correct website… So this is a dare and our officially first non-harry Potter related post, excluding The awards and Achievement posts (Just in case you misunderstood 🙂) So yeah, withoutContinue reading “When you text Someone…”

Weirdly obsessed..

Keep yourself posted people! We are glad to have soo many Truths and Dares. I do want to say some are challenging but there still is chance for you all. Step up your game and give us some Truths and Dares on our forms, the more challenging the better. About the story, let’s keep itContinue reading “Weirdly obsessed..”

Uniquely Stupid🙂

Hello Witches, Wizards, Muggles, Death eaters literally for the 100th time as I had no other idea how to start the blog🙂So directly coming to the point, we are really, REALLY close to 200 followers 🤩🤩🤩 So we are planning to play the game of truth and dare, a game where no one says theContinue reading “Uniquely Stupid🙂”

Interview with Aanya

Would you ever write in the prophet if given a chance?Yes, I would love to write for the daily prophet (but not if Fudge is the minister), though not sure if I’d be good enough to write since I’m a bit too straight forward xD. How did you feel while writing ‘For I pity them’?IContinue reading “Interview with Aanya”


We couldn’t post this at midnight. Yeah we are very bad people! With being a sandwhich between projects and classes, we have tried our very best to come up with this video which doesn’t even last for a minute. I hope you all will love it. Before you all comment with our editing skills letContinue reading “Surprise!”

You Know, Right?

Hello deatheaters, voldemorts, basically every villain ever existing in the vast history and future of the wizarding world. Welcome to the third and the last part of the name reveal. Just like the last one, we don’t have anything to say again, so lets get started! @HermioneFlames – Her Name is Mehr..One of the mostContinue reading “You Know, Right?”

Name Reveal! (Part 2)

Hello again, witches and wizards!!! We are back again with the name reveal! We have literally nothing to say right now (yes, please laugh), so let’s get started. So, @NevilleMurray 😳😳 yep, that is Nandini… Yes she is girl😂 ……… What else should I say about Nandini? Well, she is an intelligent and awesome singer,Continue reading “Name Reveal! (Part 2)”


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