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It All Ends Here?

So, we are back! “Again!”? nah lovelies, we are back for the seventh and the last time with our series of secret seven. Surprised? I guess not, it was pretty obvious that this is the only day our team is excited about! And that’s the magazine! Too sad it’s the last one, YET- Harry PotterContinue reading “It All Ends Here?”


With just a little, “What’s the hype about Harry Potter?” to “I can proudly say I am a Potterhead.”

How did it all start? Looking back, ‘Harry Potter’ just seemed something which was settled on everyone’s tongues, which clouded everyone’s mind, which managed to gain everyone’s attention and interest, and most importantly, it managed to get everyone’s love. To be honest, I could not understand the hype about Harry Potter, everyone was a die-forContinue reading “With just a little, “What’s the hype about Harry Potter?” to “I can proudly say I am a Potterhead.””

Memories Bring Back Memories

Unlike everyone, I love going to school. No, you got me wrong there, I am not a nerd. A new year arrived and the same old cycle of studying and assignments resumed but the best part of school was not dance periods or physical educations periods, surprised, huh? Instead it was talking and chit chattingContinue reading “Memories Bring Back Memories”

From A Bibliophobe To A Bibliophile😉

I was recognised as the quintessential scholar student in my school. Everyone believed I was a nerd. They supposed I was an exceedingly avid reader. However, it was not at all true. Saying the truth, I was a bibliophobe. I loathed books. My mother always used to recommend me to read books. But I wasContinue reading “From A Bibliophobe To A Bibliophile😉”