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When you text Someone…

Hello Guys!! We last posted our blog on 18th August….. And today is 1 Sept…. See how punctual we are🙂?And yes… You are on the correct website… So this is a dare and our officially first non-harry Potter related post, excluding The awards and Achievement posts (Just in case you misunderstood 🙂) So yeah, withoutContinue reading “When you text Someone…”


Online exams at Hogwarts

McGonagall: Welcome students, to O.W.L.S 2021-2022! As you know that the muggle coronavirus disease has spread so much over the world that it has affected the Magical world too and here we are, on an online platform “Zoom”. Now there will be a change in O.W.Ls this year… instead of Ordinary Wizarding levels it isContinue reading “Online exams at Hogwarts”

Name Reveal! (Part 2)

Hello again, witches and wizards!!! We are back again with the name reveal! We have literally nothing to say right now (yes, please laugh), so let’s get started. So, @NevilleMurray 😳😳 yep, that is Nandini… Yes she is girl😂 ……… What else should I say about Nandini? Well, she is an intelligent and awesome singer,Continue reading “Name Reveal! (Part 2)”

It All Ends Here?

So, we are back! “Again!”? nah lovelies, we are back for the seventh and the last time with our series of secret seven. Surprised? I guess not, it was pretty obvious that this is the only day our team is excited about! And that’s the magazine! Too sad it’s the last one, YET- Harry PotterContinue reading “It All Ends Here?”

Quiz Time!

Hello everyone! Wizardorzo is back with fascinating quizzes and challenges to blow up your mind! The name of today’s challenge is-‘Take The Hint’So here are some pictures which portray the names of 6 Harry Potter characters and you have to guess them! So put your thinking caps on! Now, I must warn you that theContinue reading “Quiz Time!”