We at Wizardorzo think its amazing to carry out such awards as it gives more exposure and what’s life without a little healthy competition, right? We were nominated by Saumya @Draw Write Inspire Her questions were so unique and amazing. You’ll find them below along with our answers! We know we have been afk andContinue reading “BESTTT BLOGGERRR AWARDDDD!”

It’s Storytimeeeeeee✨✨

Hello Bloggers, Potterheads, and Sweet Muggles! Wizardorzo is back with some juicy content to brew you up! And this time it is neither a magazine, nor a blog about how much we love Harry Potter but a story all about Magic. Well this doesn’t mean that we are moving on from our Potterhood, it’s justContinue reading “It’s Storytimeeeeeee✨✨”

The Forgotten Trio

We have always rejoiced the bravery and friendship of the golden trio. But all this time, we completely forgot about another trio which has shown much more badassery than the original trio and played a bang on role in the whole series. As you might have already guessed, it’s of course Ginny, Luna and Neville,Continue reading “The Forgotten Trio”

Anime takes over Harry Potter!?

From the ‘Boy Who Lived’ to the Voldemort’s death, you saw it all in books containing a wonderful tale. Harry potter sure is a world in itself. Magic, mostly important was the one that kept this adventure going. Wands, O.W.Ls, Ministry of Magic, magical creatures, wizarding schools, broom, quidditch, azkaban and many more, indefinitely exciteContinue reading “Anime takes over Harry Potter!?”

Meow Are You?😺

A One Minute Read Greetings Potterheads! Have you ever wondered which pet you will choose if you ever have to go to Hogwarts? I bet you that’s the same thought that might have bothered Hermione. With her unexpected switch of decision, she ended up with a cat🐱 and named him Crookshanks. Crookshanks became a purr-fectContinue reading “Meow Are You?😺”

A Profession with no Salary

Being entered into standard 9 which is just one step away from class 10, much more important questions have been tingling in my messed-up mind, like ‘Which career should I step into’ or ‘Which job would be the best and could fetch me more money?’ Well, if we actually try to find out that whichContinue reading “A Profession with no Salary”

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