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Revealing something? (Not really)

50 Blogs Completed + Revealing Our names (not really)!! Hello Wizards, witches, muggles and Death Eaters, Welcome to Wizardorzo! So yes, we have Completed 50 Blogs on WordPress and we are Deadly Close to 200 followers…. “I’m Famous Mom😭🤣” And Yes, After endless Debates and Arguments, we finally Decided to reveal our names… So GrabContinue reading “Revealing something? (Not really)”


Meow Are You?😺

A One Minute Read Greetings Potterheads! Have you ever wondered which pet you will choose if you ever have to go to Hogwarts? I bet you that’s the same thought that might have bothered Hermione. With her unexpected switch of decision, she ended up with a cat🐱 and named him Crookshanks. Crookshanks became a purr-fectContinue reading “Meow Are You?😺”