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We all are here again with some exciting content ….but what’s new?After all the love we have recieved till now, it has made us cross all the boundaries of creativity, making our bond stronger than ever….We won’t go on again with the old story of our group- facing many issues and problems throughout the journey,Continue reading “HERE WE GO!”


More than love

Under the stairs of confusion, like Harry, we all were trapped…Being our Hagrid, you saved us all and our fears all zapped. Just after then,Our school felt like Hogwarts and we all could feel the magic….You kept us safe from the mean dark lord of tragic…. As caring as Sirius, as loving as a motherStartingContinue reading “More than love”


“Always” said Snape, worth thousands of emotions. It’s amazing how a simple six lettered word can have so deep meaning that even a dozen pages could not explain. Severus Snape who was a little too strict with Harry, had been protecting Harry ever since he became a horcrux. Snape and lily were really very goodContinue reading “Always”

Harry Potter Blog- Harry Potter Is All That Matters Now!

It would be hard for you to swallow, that a novel written by a poor female in Edinburgh without being homeless and a single parent, was rejected 12 times and now has sold 500 million+ copies of itself, has been translated into 80 languages and it might probably be lying inside your bookshelf. It isContinue reading “Harry Potter Blog- Harry Potter Is All That Matters Now!”