A Profession with no Salary

Being entered into standard 9 which is just one step away from class 10, much more important questions have been tingling in my messed-up mind, like ‘Which career should I step into’ or ‘Which job would be the best and could fetch me more money?’ Well, if we actually try to find out that whichContinue reading “A Profession with no Salary”


“Always” said Snape, worth thousands of emotions. It’s amazing how a simple six lettered word can have so deep meaning that even a dozen pages could not explain. Severus Snape who was a little too strict with Harry, had been protecting Harry ever since he became a horcrux. Snape and lily were really very goodContinue reading “Always”

Snape- The Partial Headmaster

An extremely disciplined and strict old man who never sympathized his students and was also considered heartless was actually taking care of the boy who lived, after the death of his only love….Yes! I am talking about none other than Professor Snape..Being the potions master, then defence against the dark arts teacher, a death eaterContinue reading “Snape- The Partial Headmaster”

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