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Anime takes over Harry Potter!?

From the ‘Boy Who Lived’ to the Voldemort’s death, you saw it all in books containing a wonderful tale. Harry potter sure is a world in itself. Magic, mostly important was the one that kept this adventure going. Wands, O.W.Ls, Ministry of Magic, magical creatures, wizarding schools, broom, quidditch, azkaban and many more, indefinitely exciteContinue reading “Anime takes over Harry Potter!?”


The Wittiest Witch Of Her Age!

Pale Silvery eyes, dirty blonde hair, a lace of butterbeer caps tied around the neck , a wand perfectly hooked into the left ear with a dazed look on face…This might have already given an insight about whom I am talking right? Of course it is Loony Lov- Luna Lovegood. Luna was anticipated as theContinue reading “The Wittiest Witch Of Her Age!”