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With just a little, “What’s the hype about Harry Potter?” to “I can proudly say I am a Potterhead.”

How did it all start? Looking back, ‘Harry Potter’ just seemed something which was settled on everyone’s tongues, which clouded everyone’s mind, which managed to gain everyone’s attention and interest, and most importantly, it managed to get everyone’s love. To be honest, I could not understand the hype about Harry Potter, everyone was a die-forContinue reading “With just a little, “What’s the hype about Harry Potter?” to “I can proudly say I am a Potterhead.””



We all are here again with some exciting content ….but what’s new?After all the love we have recieved till now, it has made us cross all the boundaries of creativity, making our bond stronger than ever….We won’t go on again with the old story of our group- facing many issues and problems throughout the journey,Continue reading “HERE WE GO!”

More than love

Under the stairs of confusion, like Harry, we all were trapped…Being our Hagrid, you saved us all and our fears all zapped. Just after then,Our school felt like Hogwarts and we all could feel the magic….You kept us safe from the mean dark lord of tragic…. As caring as Sirius, as loving as a motherStartingContinue reading “More than love”

QnA With Shivi

We are really very happy for this ‘questioning ‘ collab with Shivi from Shivictionary and knowing more and more bloggers like us. Check out Shivi’s blog here, and don’t forget to give it a follow!😉 1. If you had to choose one topic for your entire blogging site, what would it be? ● Maybe memes😂Continue reading “QnA With Shivi”

Guess What!?!?🤗

A warm welcome to all our lovely witches and wizards.❤️ We all are in the “seventh” heaven to announce that we have crossed 100 followers and a little recognition on this wonderful platform which has been an honour for our team…😊 This might not be too much of an achievement, but after all the hardshipsContinue reading “Guess What!?!?🤗”

The Secret Revealed!!!

A warm welcome to all the bright, brave and creative witches and wizards of this wonderful era of the not so secret seven wonders…..Before you start scratching your head with confusion, let us first invite you to our scintillating and sarcastic seven series. Still surprised and confused? Well, we really do have a big theoryContinue reading “The Secret Revealed!!!”

From A Bibliophobe To A Bibliophile😉

I was recognised as the quintessential scholar student in my school. Everyone believed I was a nerd. They supposed I was an exceedingly avid reader. However, it was not at all true. Saying the truth, I was a bibliophobe. I loathed books. My mother always used to recommend me to read books. But I wasContinue reading “From A Bibliophobe To A Bibliophile😉”