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He is our king!

Being the most unmellowed but incredibly humorous character with the proper knowledge of friendship, bravery and love, Ron has quiet impressed everyone, hasn’t he? He is the one who can choose food over anything, but still be the one to put his life in danger to save his best friend, the one who would do anything to transform spiders into butterflies, the one in million who would want to turn his pet yellow…the only one whom spiders will ask to tap dance, the one who would love an international quidditch player, but would also hate him for something you already know…well, dont you? He gets jealous, angry and has a lot of insecurities, but yet everytime he proves that he is the best. Ron has been a real hero since the start, like stealing the flying car to save your best friend from the most mean and selfish muggle family isn’t facile, is it? For me Ron is the chosen one…he uses hand-me-down things….but always, he is the one with the biggest heart, he will be the one getting jealous everytime….but he has those guts no one can ever think of. He will leave in anger but will return after weeks…and say ‘Hey’. For us…he is a real knight, the funniest, bravest, loveliest little knight! He jokes to hide his insecurities, but he has the truly sweetest, amazing and sentimental heart!
And did you know..Ron was actually excellent in divination…he predicted this…”you are going to suffer but you are going to be happy about it…” it did actually happen…he lost his brother at the end…but he was happy with the love of his life…Hermione!! (Its literally complicated though…he took four years to spot that she was a girl…)


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