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The Secret Revealed!!!

A warm welcome to all the bright, brave and creative witches and wizards of this wonderful era of the not so secret seven wonders…..
Before you start scratching your head with confusion, let us first invite you to our scintillating and sarcastic seven series. Still surprised and confused? Well, we really do have a big theory on it..
The number 7 has held great significance in the entire world… like seven seas to cross, seven continents to discover, seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues…There are even seven days in a week!

Here, even in our phenomenal Wizarding World, seven does has its significance, like there are seven parts in our entire Potter life…. starting from the Boy Who Lived and ending with the people who leave. Starting from our favourite seven Weasley children to seven players in our favourite Quidditch team, from seven gold Galleons for Harry’s wand to seven floors at Hogwarts… Mention should also be of Seven Horcruxes containing the fragments of the dark lord’s soul.

Since seven, being a powerful and magical number means so much to all of us, we thought of coming up with a surprising and magnificent seven series!!!

After all the love we have been given by all of our lovely readers, we have come up with Seven magazines with Seven pages and Seven different wizarding topics, posted for Seven months, on every Seventh of a month at Seven AM. Bloody hell!!! So many Sevens!!! It indeed is going to be a marvelous adventure for everyone of us.
Remember, we asked you to share your views about Harry Potter? But wait, we ain’t gonna tell anything about that! If you haven’t shared your views with us …. then dont worry you still have your time to submit your views and we assure you if you die, you need not need to hand them in anyways. Love you lots and ALWAYS will….❤❤❤


5 thoughts on “The Secret Revealed!!!

  1. Oh!! I am sure everyone is as curious as you are dear friend!! We promise you that we wont let you down! 😉😉❤ Have a good day!!😄

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