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And there we go!! The countdown surely would have been filled with hopes, expectations and a new bucket list which I hope must be fulfilled unless those include going to Hogwarts, flying broomsticks, rescuing prisoners, destroying horcruxes- you already know how far the list can go!😁😁
Seeing off 2020 which gifted our memory lane with precious moments of joy with our families and vivid memories for a lifetime, would have been a jovial moment for all of you, right? But trust me, that was the hardest part of the year too.
2020 cannot be expressed in a paragraph or two ofcourse. Yet we would like to say that- 2020 might have started with lots of difficulties and hardships but if we look for the silver tint of hope behind the dark clouds of misery, we had enjoyed that year a lot with our own creative potter ways….and it ended with a good note of friendship, love, care and understanding.
Until 2019, New year was just hanging out with loved ones, eating appetising flavoursome dishes, gulping down butterbeer, counting down the last 10 seconds, to step into a new novel year and failing at new year resolutions. But now we have discerned that it isn’t just about festivity, it is about forgiving an old playmate for being wrong, most importantly, forgiving yourself if you have been in the wrong way, being grateful for the people we have, the things we have- not only on the new year but on every single day. To be very honest, even if you turn into Voldemort, there will still be a way to change and choose a better path.
From our frame of reference, problems are like pimples, one pops out and we weep for a whole week and boom! It’s gone! …Alas… another one pops out. (Yeah, that’s irritating)
So no matter what happens, just remember to turn on the glow of your face with a sunshiny smile and refreshingly positive hopes. And anyways, life is too short to wake up with regrets, so make it sweet by keeping the past in the past and enjoying the present to the fullest. πŸ€— Speaking of the future, nothing is predictable except for the fact that we are launching our first ever Harry Potter magazine of 2021 on 7th January- as we said, it’s a theme of “seven”πŸ˜‰. So just hold on your breath for a mesmerizing not-so-secret surprise!!!

-From Wizardorzo


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