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Interview with Aanya

  • Would you ever write in the prophet if given a chance?
    Yes, I would love to write for the daily prophet (but not if Fudge is the minister), though not sure if I’d be good enough to write since I’m a bit too straight forward xD.
  • How did you feel while writing ‘For I pity them’?
    I mainly felt pain and hurt.

Everyday whenever I researched, or wrote things that needed to be voiced when I went through it I realized how lucky I was and how we humans have to change, even the aristocrat purebloods like Lucius Malfoy are better than us humans. (even though Lucius Malfoy is a human but lets not count him as one)

Though I learnt a lot about numerous good things in the world, the prime reason for writing it was to voice my opinions and the unfairness in the world.

  • Why would you call yourself a slytherclaw?
    I love to learn new things and I’m academically good, plus the pottermore quiz says I’m a ravenclaw (it also says I’m a slytherin), as for slytherin I’m ambitious and I love to be the leader, and when something does not go my way, well, then I really pity the person who went against me, cause I would do ANYTHING to make sure things go my way and make sure the person regrets going against me (though I do cross the lines at murder heheh). And that makes me a slytherclaw!
  • Which character do you relate to most (i’d think potter as a confident and proud witch) but you go
    Luna, I totally get her, the way she stands out and never thinks twice about doing weird things and has to no problem to be herself, but I do relate to Hermione too cause, well I’m a splitting image of her in real life (except for her love of cats, no cats for me I’m more of an owl person). (Given that I just mistakenly sent a draft to you I’d also say I’m a huge klutz like Neville and the worst things happen to me, so sorry for sending the unfinished answers).
  • Who’s death was most mournful for you, Its hard to decide because I am sure all of them were just as painful.

FRED, or Sirius or Lupin, no Tonks, oof you siriusly can’t make choose, that’s absolutely riddikulus, even Hermione won’t be able to answer that.


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