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From A Bibliophobe To A Bibliophile😉

I was recognised as the quintessential scholar student in my school. Everyone believed I was a nerd. They supposed I was an exceedingly avid reader. However, it was not at all true. Saying the truth, I was a bibliophobe. I loathed books. My mother always used to recommend me to read books. But I was very stubborn. I strictly followed ‘NO READING BOOKS’ principle. Today, I wonder what had gotten into me… Let me share you my journey from bibliophobe to bibliophile.
It all starts when I was in standard 6. I considered myself to be fortunate to have an erudite and amazing class teacher, Soumya miss. She taught us English exceptionally well. Here comes the twist. She always advised me to read a lot of books. I was puzzled. “What to do now?”, “I can’t deny my favourite teacher’s advice!” were the instant thoughts in my mind. I pondered over it. Finally, I decided to try. I asked her for some suggestions. She suggested me to read Harry Potter books. “What is that now?” was my first thought. I left for the library and asked for the book. She gave me the directions and I started searching it in the cupboard. At the first sight, I felt it is impossible to read the book… Then, I remembered the decision taken by me and took it home. My mom was astonished to see me reading A BOOK! First days of reading were bad… But gradually I started loving reading it…. I could not believe it! The series of Harry Potter was the bridge between my bibliophobia and bibliophilia. That day onwards, I embarked on the wonderful journey where I, along with my friends, enjoyed a lot…

Remus Ganzledore😊


25 thoughts on “From A Bibliophobe To A Bibliophile😉

      1. Hmmm…apart from Harry Potter, my favourite book has got to be Jane Eyre. It’s a classic and sparked my motivation for reading and writing. Other than Harry Potter, what was your favourite book to read? 😀

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