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10 Points To Gryffindor!

Have you ever wondered how the house points are calculated at Hogwarts? I mean I am sure we all can agree that Dumbledore would award Gryffindor points just because Harry’s still breathing but what about the points Snape would take away just because Harry is still breathing. Surely non of the professors go and note down the points they have given or taken from any of the four houses. In my small little imaginary world, I believe that the walls are enchanted. Whenever a teacher grant or withdraw any points the walls automatically change the total house points. What if the spell was “POINTE- CALCULAM!” Hey, JK Rowling if you are reading this, you can hire me for sure 😉 Anyways, this was my imagination, if you too have a wild imagination like us, hit us up! We’ll see you next break.
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4 thoughts on “10 Points To Gryffindor!

  1. Yeah, I think it would be hard for teachers to make note of EVERY SINGLE TIME they deduct or add points.

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