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5 Things We Learnt From Harry Potter

Hello Potterheads! We are really gratified to do this collab with Saumya @Draw-Write-Inspire. ‘ Do read her post on the same topic!

“Five things that we learnt from Harry Potter”

The headline might be a little knotty but we have got this up our sleevesπŸ˜‰. I mean- We have learned so many things from Harry Potter that we can’t just articulate our deep affection towards the heavenly series. Without writing a thousand words essay like Hermione on how much I adore Harry potter, let’s get to the teachings.

1- Break the damn rules!

Best Hermione Rule GIFs | Gfycat

You might have to go to the forbidden forest as a punishment, but it’s worth it. anyways.

2- Visit the places that are forbidden and then fall into trouble! Like come on! Its Hogwarts and that’s what the trio did, right? What else is gonna let you get some points for your house?

Why Is It Always You Three - Meme Pict

3- Keep an eye on the ones who teach you. Judge the DADA professor and hate the one in Slytherin! Anyone of them can be hiding the Dark lord at the back of their head, or can be erasing memories—- “You already know what are my next sentences”

Severus Snape Obviously GIFs | Tenor

4- Be in touch with the Dark lord in case you would wanna betray him using his own spells.

Dumbledore GIF | Gfycat
Snape Always GIFs | Tenor

5- Whatever the hell happens- you have to stay at Hogwarts even when you know you can die. The world will close down but Hogwarts never will! And of course, you needn’t hand in your homework in case you die.

professor mcgonagall gifs | WiffleGif

6- Fight the hell with your friends and then make it up with the help of an owl friend…

i just had to do this hermione granger gif | WiffleGif

What’s friendship without the mental battles?

7- Never forget the passwords. I guess that doesn’t need any further explanation.

πŸ™ƒ Witches and wizards——- OF COURSE WE WERE KIDDING and yet we didn’t forget to give SEVEN points about what we have learnt from Harry Potter. Jokes aside, The miraculous world created by JK Rowling is an emotion every person living on this planet can relate to!

And the first thing what I ALWAYS think the world of is “Love”. Might just look like a four lettered word showing a simple emotion, yet it complicates in it’s own tender way and is the most powerful weapon one can possess.

Second is- friendship of course. You can have thousands of followers but your friends- they care and they would be the ones that will stay with you until the very end. I am sure you all know that I was talking about Voldemort’s followers and Harry’s best friends who never left his side.

Third, according to me would be bravery. Having courage and facing the problems at any time is what one should be prepared for. Harry quite had a lot of experience with this one πŸ˜…

Fourth would be knowledge- we have google now, but what exactly are we aware of? Yes I look up to Miss Granger, not for being an insufferable know-it-all but a great friend who helped the trio through the dangers if their journey.

Fifth, the last but not the least, believing- it’s a magical power only some posses. I got this from the wittiest witch of her age. It’s all about believing and looking between the lines and then anyways we will be waiting for a tasty pudding πŸ˜‰

Don’t forget to read Saumya’s post here!

Let us know your views about what you have learnt from this magical series in the comments!



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