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Exam Season

Pages turning and Hearts Steadfast, Pouring the ocean of info for the battle as if it’s my last.

With inks, Quills and anti cheating spells on, How are you supposed to know it all when you are Ron?

Then comes the day of disaster result, ‘What’s your Percentage’ is not less than an insult.

Toppers moaning with a Grade- First Class, While others enjoy their Butterbeer as they pass.

Brothers and sisters, let’s hold our hands and stay calm, And hope that we get all the support from the lines on our palm.

We’ll get through this together Always, This season’s not going to last forever anyways.

So yes- exams are on the edge and that’s how my empty brain works…. The nervousness just lets the pinch of my imagination explode. So instead of studying, Here we are.

Comment down if you have exams on your head! Thanks for reading


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